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Kochani! Kochani! Uwaga!
Chcecie pomóc naszym podopiecznym? A sobie wyjątkowo i aktywnie zapewnić miłą sobotę 24.09? Serdecznie namawiamy Was do wzięcia udziału w Pomorski Puchar Dogtrekkingu. To wyjątkowe wydarzenie, które sprawi naszym podopiecznym ogromną frajdę!
Plan jest taki: rejestrujecie się na 
po czym 24.09 przyjeżdżacie, bierzecie naszego podopiecznego (albo dwa) i zabieracie go na wspólną zabawę i wyjątkowo spędzacie razem czas! To niezwykła forma aktywności i ogromna pomoc dla naszych psiaków. Spacer po lesie to dla nich niezwykłe doświadczenie, które da im na chwilę zapomnieć o trudzie życia bez swojego człowieka. 
Są różne dystanse. Absolutnie nie trzeba być sportowcem - każdy odnajdzie coś dla siebie. Jest również kategoria rodzinna, gdzie możecie zabrać się z dziećmi.
My jesteśmy zachwyceni z tej wspaniałej inicjatywy. Oczywiście bierzemy udział. 
Jeżeli chcecie zabrać naszego podopiecznego prosimy o wcześniejszą wiadomość na fp lub pod numerem tel: 695 329 666

Więcej info w bezpośrednim wydarzeniu:

Pomorski Puchar Dogtrekkingu



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You Need To Stretch Before You Begin Any Fitness Routine
Fitness and exercise are an important part of leading a healthy life. People who exercise regularly have healthier hearts, and are less prone to problems related to obesity as well as depression and other mental illnesses. Read on to find out how you can set up your own fitness program and start to feel great!

The best fitness tip for building up your arms is to work opposite muscles in opposite sets of each other. The best example would be to work the triceps and then the biceps. Each has the opportunity to rest while the other is being worked. This minimizes your time and maximizes your workout.

Do not be afraid to motivate yourself before a work-out. There is no audience and no judgment if you want to give yourself a little pep-talk on the way into the gym. The benefits are very real; when you exercise with positivity you work out more successfully. Tell yourself you are going to have a great work-out and you probably will.

A good tip to help you get fit is to stick with whole wheat foods. Avoid things like white bread and white rice, and instead opt for whole wheat bread and brown rice. Whole wheat bread and brown rice are more nutritious and give you long lasting energy.

Talk a walk every evening. Walking is low impact and burns extra calories. It is a good way to start a work out routine for weight loss beginners. It is not only good for weight loss but it is also good for your general health and well being.

As you can see, staying fit isn't as intimidating as it seems. Fitness is very important, and now you can join the millions of people who exercise and reap the health and mental benefits. Follow these simple fitness tips and you'll be well on your way to looking, feeling, and being great!

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